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25 May 2023

Client Intake: An 11-Point Checklist for Law Firms

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Client Intake: An 11-Point Checklist for Law Firms

Your law firm’s client intake process lays the groundwork for nurturing successful client relationships. 

In this free 11-point checklist you’ll learn each step needed to optimise your legal matter intake procedures to build stronger client relationships, save time, and reduce redundancies and errors. This will create a more personalised and timely customer experience, setting your firm up for success. 

How this checklist will help your law firm: 

  • How to automate (and speed up) client intake processes  

  • Take the first steps to map out tasks, timings, and templates needed to create an ideal client intake workflow and identify key areas that can be automated. 

  • How to create and track a digital client enquiry form 

  • Utilise digital client intake forms on your website to make it easier for clients to contact you and for you to have the necessary information to ensure a smooth and timely first client touchpoint. 

  • How to turn a client enquiry form into a client intake form 

  • Start addressing new clients’ needs by setting up automatic conflict check processes. 

  • How to implement automated follow-up communications 

  • Identify what repeatable tasks can be automatically delegated to appropriate staff and implement this in your workflow. 

  • How to monitor, measure, and optimise your law firm’s client intake process 

  • Discover key metrics you can track and report to ensure your law firm is making metric-led decisions. 

  • How to engage new clients with confidence 

  • These steps will help you to work smarter while improving client experiences with your law firm. 

Claim your free copy and be on your way to a more efficient client intake and follow-up process.  

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