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18 Oct 2021

Why A Client Portal Is Ideal For Law Firms

Client Portals Ideal For Law Firms

Legal services require a considered approach to the systems they use and the way that they work with their clients. With sensitive, personal information being dealt with, complicated laws to be navigated and the need for clear communications throughout, it can be difficult to find an option that provides all of this for your business. And that's why using an elevated software option like a client portal your clients a more quality experience.  

Clinked is designed with clients in mind and provides you with a secure and personalised area to interact with your clients. There are many tools within the platform, some of which include file management, task management and instant chat. Bring your personal touch into a digital experience for clients that aligns with your style of service. Use a Clinked Client Portal to deliver consistency across all client interactions with your client-facing team working remote or mobile.

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