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2023 Seminar Programme



Sleep soundly in a cybersafe world

29 Nov 2023
Futureproof Your Firm Theatre

As more organisations move to the Microsoft 365 Cloud as a trusted, cost-effective and secure platform to run the business, company owners and partners must ensure that they are doing everything possible to protect client data and the working environment. All too often, we see news reports of the latest scam or the most recent data leak causing reputational damage and costly remediation.

In this age of anywhere, anytime working, you need to be sure that your data is highly available to the right people without compromising security. Yet the Cloud has become the primary location where cybercriminals operate - they know that raising their game has the potential to pay dividends and this has the potential to keep us all awake at night.

Join our compelling session where Adrian Edgar will reveal how you can take advantage of the services within the Microsoft Cloud that can significantly improve your security position.

Once you know what you can do to stay one step ahead, you can sleep soundly, confident that your data is secure and your company is protected.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding cyber threats and their impact on your business
  • How adopting and embracing the Cloud can secure your work
  • A range of tools and techniques to promote better cyber awareness
  • A better understanding of how Microsoft 365 can help balance cost, functionality and usability
  • How your people are the biggest threat and the strongest asset in a cyber-safe world
Adrian Edgar, Managing Director - AspiraCloud