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2023 Seminar Programme



Providing the legal sector with a platform for climate action

29 Nov 2023
Legal Tech Theatre

Every business needs to take action on the climate crisis. And for the larger ones, it's now a legal obligation. Come and hear from Net Zero Now's Founder, Simon Heppner, how your law firm can now easily measure its carbon footprint, fulfil reporting requirements, and take action to reduce your impact.

Key Takeaways:
i) Understand why the legal sector needs to embrace this issue now
ii) Find out why this could be commercially advantageous to your firm, not just environmentally healthy
iii) Get prepared for your customers to ask, and expect, your firm to understand this issue
iv) Learn about the tech platform created by Net Zero Now to help you on your journey
v) Find out how you can use the platform to get certified as 'On the Road' to Net Zero.

Simon Heppner, Executive Director - Net Zero Now