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2023 Seminar Programme



PANEL: Technology in international disputes

30 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre

Join our discussion featuring experts from various fields in the legal sector as we delve into the pivotal role of technology in international legal disputes. We’ll shed light on cutting-edge tools such as e-discovery and AI which transform the way evidence is gathered and cases are managed in cross-border disputes and share firsthand experiences on how online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms save time and resources, benefiting businesses of all sizes. we’ll also be discussing the practical application of technology in legal research, virtual hearings, and cybersecurity for cases, and the regulatory considerations, data privacy, and the ethical implications of technology adoption in the legal sector.

This dynamic discussion will explore how technology streamlines processes, enhances accessibility and ensures compliance, ultimately shaping the future of dispute resolution.

Victor Abou-Assaleh, Chief Revenue Officer - Titan File
Mevludin Dzihic, Chief Technology Officer - Verify365
Paul Kinninmont, Partner - Freeths