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2023 Seminar Programme



PANEL: The future of conveyancing: Strategies and visions

30 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre

It is an exciting time to be involved in the property sector as technology rapidly replaces the old ways of operating. We are fast approaching a fully digital conveyancing system that will provide faster transactions and an improved experience for everyone. Smart homes maintaining electronic log books, digital ID and signatures and chain view technologies are just some of the components of real change.

The aim of this landmark session is to help licensed conveyancers and others think about the impact of these impending changes and prepare for what is coming their way. The panel will explore the legislation and technologies and give real usable insight into what the future really holds.

Peter Ambrose, CEO - The Partnership Property Lawyers
Nicky Heathcote, Non-Executive Chair - The Conveyancing Association
Simon Law, Chairperson - The Society of Licensed Conveyancers
James Sherwood-Rogers, Chairman - Council Of Property Search Organisations