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2023 Seminar Programme



Protect Your Law Firm with AML Technology

29 Nov 2023
Legal Tech Theatre

How you can use technology to help your firm with ID/AML compliance to mitigate risk and prevent fraud.

Key Takeaways:
Assessing Non-Compliance Risks: Participants will examine recent cases where firms faced regulatory fines, understanding the risks and consequences of non-compliance with AML regulations and the importance of adhering to stringent AML protocols to mitigate such risks.

Understanding Technological Integration: Attendees will learn how to integrate advanced ID verification and AML technology into their current systems to enhance efficiency and ensure SRA compliance.

Navigating Professional Resistance: Participants will gain strategies for addressing resistance among established practitioners to the adoption of new technologies in legal compliance processes.

Recognising Investment Benefits: Attendees will be able to identify the benefits of investing in specialized legal tech solutions for AML compliance and understand the potential return on investment through improved risk management.

Implementing AML Protocols: Attendees will learn about the essential technological protocols that can be adopted to prevent fraud and money laundering, including continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis.

Azeem Rashid, Director - Lawtech 365