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Fozia Zia

Fozia Zia

Optimise Accounting
Fozia has over 18 years of experience of working with solicitors, having initially trained in SAR audits and was responsible for overseeing the whole process prior to review by the Reporting Accountant. As well as preparing the year end accounts for law firms and setting up their accounting systems. She has experience of various legal accounts software and problem accounts. Feeling frustrated with the lack of senior financial management support available for legal cashiers and COFA's in smaller law firms and the gap between the legal cashier role and the external accountants, who themselves may not be familiar with how to use legal accounts software. She decided to launch a unique COFA consultancy/Legal FD service which not only deals with the compliance side but also the business side. Bringing together her experience as a business development accountant and financial coach. Fozia is passionate about empowering and supporting COFA's within their role.