Peter Carlstedt

Peter Carlstedt

Chief Legal Officer, Scrive

Peter Carlstedt is the Chief Legal Officer and a member of the management team of Scrive, the leading provider of electronic signature services in the Nordics. He has a background as Partner / VP in consulting businesses focused on strategic procurement management, whereby he acquired extensive experience from drafting and negotiating high-value commercial contracts - concluded in paper-format :(

Peter has been a key player in Scrive's successful journey for almost 7 years and going. A key capacity in this role is to interpret and make electronic signature legislation comprehensible for businesses. Thus, Peter and his team help customers of Scrive around the globe to navigate the local legal landscape of electronic signatures. With a comprehensive understanding of use cases for electronic signature solutions and relevant legal aspects, they successfully interact with corporate legal departments and external advisors to find ways to unblock the almost ever-present “legal concerns” in digitalisation initiatives.