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Azeem Rashid

Azeem Rashid

Director, Lawtech 365

Azeem Rashid co-founded Lawtech 365 Group with a clear goal: to bring the legal world into the digital age. Having worked in the legal sector for a long time, he knows its challenges and saw opportunities to make things better with technology. His company has developed tools Verify 365, Lawyer 365, and eSign 365, real solutions that make lawyers' jobs easier and more efficient. Azeem is all about practical solutions. He gets the real-world problems lawyers face and offers straight-to-the-point tech answers. He's knowledgeable about the daily workings of law firms and how to make them run smoother with the right tech. When it comes to compliance, Azeem ensures that firms stay on the right side of the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) rules and regulations.. In today's world, it's crucial to know who you're doing business with, and Azeem's tools help law firms do just that, keeping things secure and trustworthy.