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Nimisha Patel

Nimisha Patel

Head of Transformation, Charles Russell Speechlys

A distinguished leader with over two decades of corporate professional experience, Nimisha brings a wealth of insights to the intersection of creative leadership and holistic wellbeing. With a career that includes eight unique roles at Ernst & Young (EY) and now as a Head of Transformation in the legal sector.

As a seasoned Professional Business Consultant, they have successfully delivered large budget programs across a wide range of sectors, both internally and externally. Nimisha's expertise extends to managing large global teams, offshoring teams and navigating C-Suite stakeholder expectations, with a specialty in implementing process and managing change while minimising disruptions to daily operations.

Throughout their career, Nimisha has embraced adaptability and creativity, exemplified by their transition from a IT Desktop and Consulting career to their present role as Head of Transformation. This journey reflects their remarkable ability to pivot and creatively adapt to new challenges and learning opportunities.
Nimisha has made a significant impact in the field of wellbeing by leading the Wellbeing Strategy for employees. Their leadership in this area has effectively promoted conversations on holistic wellbeing within communities, fostering an environment of open dialogue and support.

In their upcoming session, Nimisha will share their unique journey and diverse expertise, providing attendees with a profound understanding of creative leadership, self-care, and holistic wellbeing. Expect to be inspired and enlightened by their insights, which span a spectrum from fostering a culture of wellbeing to driving innovation and success in professional spheres.

Join Nimisha in this transformative session and embark on a journey guided by a leader whose career exemplifies adaptability, creativity, and a passionate commitment to holistic leadership.