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Ryan Prins

Ryan Prins

Account Executive, Philips Dictation
United Kingdom

Ryan Prins is an experienced Manager with almost 20 years’ experience in sales. He has managed key accounts at Philips Dictation for just over 7 years. Philips Dictation (also known as Speech Processing Solutions) is an international technology company and a global leader in dictation solutions; more than four million users worldwide work with the speech-to-text solutions sold under the Philips brand. Since joining Philips, Ryan has engaged in business transformation for legal firms of all sizes through digitalisation; he uses his wealth of knowledge to guide both the sales team at Philips and the partners to enable a consistent and informed message. Ryan’s experience spans various voice technology solutions focusing on future-proofing business operations through digital change to drive efficiency of internal processes, productivity, and profitability. His experience has seen businesses transition from analogue tapes to digital and more recently cloud, which assists professionals in hybrid working.