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Seb Shakh

Seb Shakh

Founder and CEO, WillSuite

Seb Shakh is an experienced CEO and a transformative leader in the legal technology sector, currently leading WillSuite, TrustSuite, and other estate planning specialised products. Based in Nottingham, England, he has a proven track record of turning innovative ideas into successful businesses across multiple industries, with a particular emphasis on improving the legal sector.

At WillSuite, Seb has been pivotal in developing software solutions tailored to the will writing industry. His efforts have brought the industry up to contemporary technological standards, enhancing efficiency and ease of use for Will Writers, Solicitors and IFA’s.

Seb has a keen interest in AI/ML and data science, hosting meetups and discussions around these topics. He recently hosted the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Meetup in Nottingham, focusing on quantum computing’s applications in data science. He actively participates in roundtable discussions on private client law, contributing insights on topics like power of attorney modernisation, equity and diversity in lifetime planning, and the impact of technology and digitisation on the legal industry.