LegalEx Spotlight - Immersive sessions exploring cloud and cyber technologies for the Legal Sector

Our Spotlight series is an immersive online event, created to help legal professionals learn about new changes in the industry and discover new tech to improve their practices.

With a specific focus on Cloud and Cyber technologies for the legal sector, this Spotlight series provides virtual attendees with all the insight they need to ensure their practices remains as efficient and relevant as possible in an increasingly digital world. 

You missed this virtual Spotlight - but don't worry! Our live event will take place this July at London's ExCeL for you to learn from leading experts, see the latest solutions in person and network with your peers after a long year apart.

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Who was speaking at our March Spotlight?

Manoj Thomas, LegalEx

7 Ways to Increase Profits in Legal Firms 

Manoj Thomas, Founder of SpineLegal

Cloud software systems are changing the way legal firms are operating. Join Manoj Thomas, founder of SpineLegal, as he shares the seven ways you can increase profits for your legal firm.

Nick Cousins, LegalEx

Evolving Legal Processes for a Digital World

Nick Cousins, Co-Founder and CEO, Exizent

Remote working is now the norm, so the need to adopt new and improved tech is vital. Discover the tech you need to create a better working and client experience going forward in this webinar.

Tom Scarborough, LegalEx

Probate Valuations Simplified

Tom Scarborough, CEO, Movewise

Accurate valuation of probate property is essential for swift and professional settlement of an estate. Tom explains how outsourcing the valuation and sales process can reduce admin while ensuring reliable valuation figures, faster sales and maximum realised value.

Dai Davies, LegalEx

Legal and Business Drivers for CyberSecurity

Dai Davis, Percy Crow Davis & Co

This seminar will explore the real drivers for having cybersecurity in a Business. We will start by looking at what “security” and therefore “cybersecurity” actually means. Then we explore the legal and business drivers, perhaps exposing some myths on the way. Ultimately, delegates will learn where the real risks come from and can better plan where they invest in cybersecurity.

Paddy Lawton & Andy Slater, LegalEx

Using AI and Machine Learning to transform ECA and investigations

Paddy Lawton & Andy Slater, FACT360

Through real-world examples you will also learn how to gather intelligence from unstructured data and how AI and unsupervised ML identify the things you don't know you don't know - the 'unknown unknowns'.

legalex spotlight

How to be successful in a multi-cloud world

Andrew Cochrane, Softcat in conjunction with Nutanix

This seminar will cover the evolution of hybrid in to multi cloud and how your firm can be successful in a multi cloud world, and the benefits it will bring to your IT teams, with regards to compliance, data storage and processes.

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