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  • Ignition Law is a Virtual Law firm, they're rapidly growing, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are digitally driven. Like all law firms, they need the right tools and systems to enable them to grow and grow fast, as they're experiencing 60% year on year growth. This award-winning, innovative law firm was only ever going to consider an equally innovative tech partner to support them on their growth path. Find out how Actionstep have taken up the mantle. 
  • We caught up with Desmond Brady, Director of Strategy of Proposition at Thomson Reuters prior to his session at LegalEx Virtual; 'Managing cases digitally – learning the lessons of the pandemic'.

    Desmond Brady is a director in the Thomson Reuters Europe Proposition team, where he works on market insight and product strategy. He currently has a particular responsibility for courts, the Bar and litigation. His previous roles within Thomson Reuters include leading the delivery of our UK portfolio of law reports and journals.

  • We caught up with Colette Best prior to her session at LegalEx Virtual; 'AML – how to get it right'.

    Colette is Director of anti-money laundering at the SRA. Prior to joining the SRA, Colette worked in financial services policy specialising in investments at the Association of British Insurers, and housing policy at the Building Societies Association. Colette has been involved with preventing money laundering since 2007, when she worked on the implementation of the third money laundering directive at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

    In her upcoming talk at LegalEx Virtual, Colette will outline what the SRA have found from their recent firm visits and draw on the areas needing the most work from firms. You will hear about the types of issues - and good practice - they have seen from their visits to review practice within law firms. 

  • If you trade or share personal data in Europe you must be able to demonstrate that you have proper data protection and compliance processes in place.  Your business must be able to show that this data is secure with sensible safeguards running in accordance with data compliance laws and regulations, whether this is for third party suppliers or direct suppliers you work with on a day to day basis. Do you need help in this area?



  • How secure is your digital data?

    05 Jul 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)
    Whether you are storing this data in the cloud, on servers somewhere offsite or even on IT hardware within your premises, there is a huge responsibility to ensure the correct level of security is in place to protect your “soft data”.
  • The problem is that when you are moving offices (and therefore your hard copy archive), it is not just about moving a few boxes – or getting everyone dressed in their best warehouse clothes to help with the removal project. There is more to consider than just the physical removal of your archive boxes being transferred from A to B. 

  • Does your data protection officer (DPO) know the rules?

    05 Jul 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)
    This legislation is ever-changing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future which means that significant time and investment is required to ensure that businesses and organisation are covered competently.  The Data Protection Officer has to have an in-depth knowledge of the main legislation pieces and how they affect their individual organisations.
  • The paperless office, whilst not a fantasy, is still a long way off.  People will still require hard copies of documents no matter how much they scan and destroy and these documents still need to be managed – with data compliance and protection legislation observed – but all of this does not come cheap!
  • Paying too much for archive storage, shredding and scanning?

    05 Jul 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)

    There is an adage: “You get what you pay for!”, and it is a saying as old as time. But in these austere times there are possible exceptions to the sentence above.  Sometimes you can be paying over the odds for very standard services and not receiving value for money.  It can happen that a contract or agreement seems correct, but actually you are paying too much.

  • Are mailroom services eating into your bottom line

    05 Jul 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)

    Running a mailroom can be an expensive business! Along with staff running costs, the outlay on equipment required to be effective and professional and the expenditure on hosting the mailroom itself can be substantial – and then you have a considerable electricity bill each month to complete the picture. No wonder businesses are looking at ways to reduce their costs and improve effectiveness in this area. Read this blog to find out if mailroom services are eating into your bottom line. 

  • Have you received a data protection registration (DPR) letter?

    05 Jul 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)
    So you’ve received a letter from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), but what does it mean?  Does it apply to you? How much should you pay?  Is this a one off fee or a yearly subscription?
  • Moving offices? How data compliant are you?

    05 Jul 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)

    If things weren’t stressful enough when you move offices, you also need to consider what you do with your physical and online data.  Yes, that’s right, your data still needs to be covered properly and in accordance to all the usual rules and regulations associated with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and GDPR.

  • The data compliance/protection genre can be an absolute minefield! There are regulations and legislation that govern all of your data, whether it is soft or hard – that being either online or paper copies of documents. All of this is monitored by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who are an independent authority set up to be responsible for enforcing/upholding information rights and data privacy for individuals in the UK.

  • What should your data protection officer (DPO) do for you?

    29 Jun 2021 The Document Warehouse (TDW)
    If your business requires someone to fulfil its obligation in terms of data compliance, but doesn't outsource this role to a professional outside organisation, then there are clear directives as to what your internal DPO is responsible for in this important area. The Document Warehouse break down the key aspects of the role in this blog.
  • Archers Law save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency with Access Legal Practice Management. 
  • At LegalEx, we're committed to putting on a great event to help you run, grow and prepare your legal practice, but have received a lack of direction as to what experience we can deliver in July. That' ...
  • One of LegalEx’s charity partners, Advocate, is celebrating 25 years of barristers fighting for access to justice. From its humble beginnings in 1996, the charity has grown to have over 4,500 volunteer barristers and some big plans for the future.
  • We caught up with Pardip Choat prior to his session at LegalEx 2021, 'Shall We Hire A Private Investigator?'. Pardip is the Founder of Elite Detectives, King’s Lynn based Private Investigators with ag ...
  • How to stop legal reforms causing a crash in cash flow

    18 May 2021 Bob Bains, Strategic Project Manager at alternative finance company, Duologi

    Taking on a large number of litigation cases can be costly to a law firm, and in the short term, it can leave them out of pocket. In particular, solicitors offering a no-win, no-fee service and self-funding disbursements can find post-Covid cash flow under additional strain if flexible finance isn’t used. So, how can law firms ensure that they conserve cash flow and remain profitable?

  • This article was originally published on Advocate's website. Find the original article here.  For the first time in 2020, the Guidance for Applicants for the QC appointment process was updated to incl ...