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  • At LegalEx, we're committed to putting on a great event to help you run, grow and prepare your legal practice, but have received a lack of direction as to what experience we can deliver in July. That' ...
  • One of LegalEx’s charity partners, Advocate, is celebrating 25 years of barristers fighting for access to justice. From its humble beginnings in 1996, the charity has grown to have over 4,500 volunteer barristers and some big plans for the future.
  • We caught up with Pardip Choat prior to his session at LegalEx 2021, 'Shall We Hire A Private Investigator?'. Pardip is the Founder of Elite Detectives, King’s Lynn based Private Investigators with ag ...
  • How to stop legal reforms causing a crash in cash flow

    18 May 2021 Bob Bains, Strategic Project Manager at alternative finance company, Duologi

    Taking on a large number of litigation cases can be costly to a law firm, and in the short term, it can leave them out of pocket. In particular, solicitors offering a no-win, no-fee service and self-funding disbursements can find post-Covid cash flow under additional strain if flexible finance isn’t used. So, how can law firms ensure that they conserve cash flow and remain profitable?

  • This article was originally published on Advocate's website. Find the original article here.  For the first time in 2020, the Guidance for Applicants for the QC appointment process was updated to incl ...
  • We caught up with Neil Seligman, a leading international expert in Mindfulness, Resilience, and Corporate Wellbeing prior to his keynote session at LegalEx 2021. He is the Founder of The Conscious Professional and the Author of Conscious Leadership and 100 Mindfulness Meditations. As a world-class speaker, Neil tours the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America appearing at conferences and events. 
  • Developing Skills for Success for Legal Secretaries

    21 Apr 2021 The Legal Secretary Journal
    The Legal Secretary Journal would like to highlight five key skills you can develop to ensure success in your career. Some of these skills are not exclusive to law, and you may already possess strengths in these areas. 
  • The Stress Paradox

    21 Apr 2021 Nick Bloy for LawCare
    The problem with the ‘stress is bad’ narrative, is that it doesn’t tell the whole story. We should be wary of stories that paint things in black and white, as they ignore the rich shades of grey that lie in-between. While stress does indeed have a negative impact on those who experience a lot of it, there is a caveat. It only has a negative effect if an individual believes that stress was bad for their health. In this blog Nick Bloy explores this stress paradox. 
  • A number of firms are beginning to use virtual onboarding processes for new legal employees. We share our tips for making an impact when starting from home.
  • LawCare's Gemma Matthews speaks to lawyer and nutritional consultant Kristy Coleman about the gut/brain connection, eating for good mental health, common bad habits around food in the legal profession and top tips for eating well when working from home.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to tell there is a problem. It’s been a very difficult 12 months for all of us and you may have got so used to working at a certain pace or feeling a certain way that you don’t realise you need help. Some lawyers are existing in a near constant state of chronic stress, which can lead to burn out. LawCare have been providing emotional support to legal professionals for nearly 25 years through their free, confidential support service. Here's how to get help. 
  • FACT360: eDiscovery in Action

    07 Apr 2021 Professor Mark Bishop - FACT360, Chief Scientific Adviser
    FACT360’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Mark Bishop brings together the theory discussed in the ‘The Science of AI’ series explaining how it can be applied to organisations today and why what people ‘do’ can be more insightful than what they ‘say’…
  • Automating the Probate Process

    01 Apr 2021 Nick Cousins, Exizent

    The probate process can be lengthy, repetitive and overly complicated. It’s something made even more challenging by the emotional turmoil and grief of the loss itself, and in contrast to many of the processes and services we engage with today, little had been done to try and transform estates administration. Exizent want to change that. 

  • Probate valuation simplified

    01 Apr 2021 Movewise
    Valuing probate property accurately is vital to ensure that the total value of the estate can be reported to HMRC for inheritance tax purposes. However, achieving this can be challenging, both for solicitors who may be managing multiple probate estates at once, and for individual executors who might be managing unfamiliar legal processes at an already difficult time. Movewise provide a solution in this blog. 
  • We caught up with Andy Slater, Commercial Director at FACT360, a tech company formed in 2017 by leading academics and experts in Artificial Intelligence, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks and Swarm Intelligence, to discuss AI in the legal sector, switching careers from the military to a commercial environment, teamwork and sales. 
  • A better way for your clients to sell probate property. Movewise has pioneered a new, better way to sell property, which is ideally suited to probate sales.
  • Fraud analysis and corporate threat are fundamentally centred on identifying the unknown. But where do organisations begin looking and what do they look for?
  • To identify the challenges faced by the legal sector and pinpoint areas for improvement, Movewise has surveyed a cross-section of solicitors and undertook one to one interviews with probate specialists. 

  • Access All Areas is The Access Group’s bi-annual knowledge-sharing summit bringing 4,500 professionals together across the Access organisation, and this time, it’s 100% virtual. 

    The Access Legal team will be showcasing an exciting agenda of thought-provoking, insightful, and discussion-led expert sessions - and it’s free. Read more about what’s coming up in the 8 must-see sessions below.

  • Legal Aid in a Pandemic - The Digital Solicitor

    10 Mar 2021 The Digital Solicitor
    The latest episode of The Digital Solicitor, entitled Legal Aid in a Pandemic, is a deep dive into key issues in these extraordinary times with Richard Miller, head of the Justice Team at the Law Society. Discussion includes frontline working in courts and police stations; remote hearings; means testing; payments on account; Legal Aid Review; crime contract extension and the positive effect of digitisation within legal aid firms.