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Welcome to the Legalex News Hub where you will find curated and trusted advice and information for the Legalex community across the year. Register for regular updates here. This resource will be updated regularly and will continue to be free and accessible to all legal practitioners. Please send any content submissions to - please mark this for the attention of the Legalex team in the subject line.

  • We caught up with Manoj Thomas, founder of SpineLegal, to discuss his career, entrepreneurship and advice he'd give his younger self. Manoj will be presenting a seminar on 7 ways to increase profits in legal firms at LegalEx's upcoming Spotlight on the 31st March.   
  • Why LinkedIn Is an Essential Tool for Legal Secretaries

    24 Feb 2021 The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs, The Legal Secretary Journal

    Networking, professional development and career progression are still required, even though conventional face-to-face events, interviews and conferences are on hold. One of the best online resources available in this respect is LinkedIn. Here's why LinkedIn is an essential tool for legal secretaries. 

  • Legal Women - An Interview with Miriam González Durántez

    24 Feb 2021 Coral Hill, Founder of Legal Women magazine
    Legal Women's Coral Hill interviews Miriam González Durántez, an Attorney at international law firm Cohen & Gresser and founder of on lockdown, its implications for gender equality and some of the questions we should all consider for the future good of society. 
  • 5 Steps to Practice Management

    24 Feb 2021 SpineLegal
    SpineLegal take you through the key steps of practice management so you can have absolute supervisory control over your practice by covering all key activities including, matter management, workflow management, task management, cashflows, regulatory and compliance obligations. 
  • The Big Ideas Shaping the Legal Profession in 2021

    24 Feb 2021 Ethan Cumming, Totally Legal

    Coronavirus brought the global economy to an abrupt standstill in 2020. A record number of people lost their jobs as whole industries were shut down and businesses struggled to stay afloat. Meanwhile, many other professionals started working from home in late March and have remained there since. In the slowly receding shadow of a global pandemic, we take a look at the big ideas and trends set to shape the legal profession in 2021.

  • Celebrate Christmas with two access to justice charities at the annual Advocate and LawWorks Christmas Carol Concert on Tuesday 15th December 2020, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm
  • With varying levels of social distancing restrictions across the UK, remote interpreting has become a necessity rather than a choice for many legal practices or law firms. But, this method of accessing interpreting services offers many benefits. Alongside its translation services, Mission Translate provides remote interpreting in the form of video conference interpreting and telephone interpreting.
  • Marketing is a tough task for legal firms in the SME sector, with a series of apparently insurmountable challenges. But that is where BeUniqueness can help.

  • If you have a smaller law firm, your chief competition will be local rivals of similar size. But how can you stand out from the crowd?

  • There is no shortage of advice and ideas about what your best digital marketing strategy should be. But if it isn’t based firmly on your needs and circumstances, it is unlikely to be useful.

  • Storytelling might sound like something for your kids, but in digital marketing it is a wonderful and effective way to grow your firm.

    The idea of storytelling is much broader than some may think. The first mention of the word sounds like something you might read to your children before bedtime, but in marketing, it is something much broader.

  • A former  Linklaters solicitor is understood to have sold his legal tech business for over £100 million - and has decided to start all over again with his old friend and business partner.
  • As a boutique city firm that is built to be fully virtual, Avery Law eschews traditional models in favour of a contemporary practice that leverages cloud-based technology to improve efficiency and keep costs down.
    Learn how the English firm has embraced a modern, virtual model for practising law with Clio.
  • Digital marketing is now a major feature of the landscape, but it is still misunderstood by some.

    Some think it is simply the use of the web to replicate forms of marketing that have long appeared in platforms such as newspapers. But it is so much more than that. Watch this video to see how digital marketing can help future-proof your firm:
  • The wider consequences involved in the translation of legal documents mean that accuracy is of vital importance. However, quite often, the luxury of time is not available, and a quick, efficient turnaround is needed to meet official case deadlines and appointments. Compromise on either factor is not an option. But, achieving both speed and accuracy has been a challenge in the past. The development of reliable computer-aided translation tools has, therefore, become invaluable to legal translators. This article explores the requirements of legal translation more closely and shares how Mission Translate uses computer-aided translation (CAT) tools to help overcome the challenges that are presented.

  • At the time of writing, government guidelines still state that everyone who can work from home should continue to do so. With interpreters required in several scenarios in the legal sector, including ...
  • How will your prospective clients find you if you are working from home or if they are confined to their homes? With more and more people turning to the internet to find their lawyer, will they find y ...
  • As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, some things haven’t changed: Clients need their solicitors, some now more than ever.  Yet law firms are struggling with the same challenges o ...
  • As April 2020 fast approaches, the ‘whiplash reforms’ section of the Civil Liability Act will see the legal claims market change. The implementation of the legal reform will reduce the number of traff ...
  • In Autumn 2019, over 2,800 legal professionals responded to TotallyLegal’s annual salary survey, sharing the details of their working lives from job title and practice area to PQE level and salary. Fr ...