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Digital opportunities


Promote yourself year-round

To accompany the physical LegalEx event, we have created a range of digital opportunities to help boost your presence year-round.

Ranging from bespoke interactive online webinars to featuring in the upcoming Spotlight event, our goal is to provide valuable information, the latest innovation and advice on key challenges facing the industry.

You can choose from:

  • Bespoke Webinars
  • Virtual Summit
  • Letter of the Law newsletter inclusion
  • Live event promotion emails
  • Digital Goody Bag

Get in touch

Delivering the right audience to our sponsor and partners is always our priority when planning a digital event. We ensure that your products, services, case studies or content are presented to the right people at the right time.

Bespoke Webinars

We are working on a webinar series to keep our community up to date with the latest developments. There's still time for you to partner with us on your own, using our expertise and support so you can focus on sharing your insights.

  • 1-hour online speaker session, hosted by Legalex
  • Speaker/s from you with a 45-minute presentation and live Q&A
  • The sponsor will receive data from all registrations and attendees

Virtual Summit

Build your brand awareness and put yourself in front of hundreds of legal professionals as they join us to learn about the latest in the industry through our one day virtual summits. 

  • Full Summit sponsorship includes branding opportunities, plus 20-25 minute speaking slot with live Q&A
  • Sponsored session: 20-25 speaking slot with live Q&A
  • Product demo: 5-10 minute video
  • A full programme of independent speakers
  • Full sponsor receives all attendee data
  • Session sponsors receive attendee data of their session

Newsletter Inclusion

The Letter of the Law is a monthly newsletter that reaches 2,000+ subscribers. Our newsletters are particularly useful as a tool for communicating with customers, building engagement, driving traffic, and directing customers to key sector focussed content.
Opportunity to build brand awareness
through sponsorship with option to add
content – editorial/ advertorial.

  • Sponsor, add content, advertorials and banners
  • Communicate with customers, build engagement and drive traffic

Digital Goody Bag

An alternative to printed leaflets and brochures, this eco-friendly and easy to access goody bag can include your digital leaflet or promotion, accessible online for all
visitors and communicated to all, prior to live event opening!

  • Sponsors can insert a digital advert into a digital 'goody bag'
  • The digital advert can be promotions, offers, discounts, launches, announcements or advertising for your products of services
  • Sent to all registered attendees across various marketing channels
  • Available for all website visitors to download

Live event promotion emails

  • Leaderboard banners 600 x 120 px
  • Sent to Legalex Registrants weekly, pre- and post-event
  • Your banner links to URL you provide